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Idiazabal cheese toast with anchovies


  1. Shoulder of ham and crispy bacon,caramelized onion,Goat cheese curler,chopped peanut and honey.
  2. “Ferrero Rocher” Burgos blood sausage on nest of straw potatoes,manchego ratatouille and egg poultry.
  3. Idiazabal cheese toast with anchovies and piquillo pepper confit.
  4. Txoko delicacies casserole with baby eels and shrimp scampi,crispy ham and broken egg.
  5. Tosta Iberian ham D.O. Gijuelo with bread,tomato and garlic.
  6. Montadito of roller of goat cheese,ham and crispy bacon,caramelized onion,pi-ment of confit sauce and piquillo doomsday.
  7. Smoked salmon Pintxo,manchego cheese cured,anchovies,shavings of ham and piquillo.
  8. Toast morcilla de Burgos,caramelized onion,ham and crispy bacon,piquillo peppers confit.
  9. Salmorejo garnished with boiled egg,anchovies ham and smoked salmon.
  10. Sauteed Txoko delights of eel and shrimp with garlic.
  11. Crispy potato nest with egg sausage and poultry deconstructed.
  12. Grandma croquettes “Maruja” Iberico ham on nest of straw potatoes and fried egg.
  13. black baby squid croquettes,prawns,seafood and mushrooms on straw nest egg and fried potatoes.
  14. Super pintxo de square española.
  15. Toledo helluva,manchego ratatouille,ham and bacon crispy fried egg and pepper confit.
  16. Delicia Steak,caramelized apple,ham and crispy bacon,rulo of goat cheese and sauce. End of the World.
  17. Stuffed eggplant organic beef mince,vegetables and mushrooms and manchego cheese gratin.
  18. Burgos black pudding strudel,goat cheese medallion,piquillo pimento caramelized apple ham and sauteed mushrooms.
  19. Montadito Iberian ham D.O. Guijuelo,caramelized onions and grilled mushrooms cloud Idiazabal cheese.